Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back in The Action!

Ok its been a year since I last posted. Shortly after I received my Printrbot I opened the box up and started to configure it and tried to start printing. A bit later I learned I would be moving soon and I didn't want the printrbot to get damaged/lost during the move( I didn't know when I would be moving, only that it would be soon ).

Long story short, we purchased a house and started to do some renovations and almost 1yr later and we still haven't moved in. My Printrbot Plus is still in the box sealed for all this time. Last weekend was World Maker Faire here in NY so when I attended as I did last year, I walked around and saw the many advancements in 3d printing technology. When I stopped by the printrbot table I saw one of their newer models the "Printrbot Simple" and the lowest priced 3d printer that I saw at the World Maker Faire. The Simple is only $299 as a kit and $399 fully assembled. Not wanting to unpack and repack my printrbot plus, I just pulled the trigger and purchased a simple and now I have been trying to calibrate it since.

The Simple has a few limitations compared to my Plus. My Plus can print using both PLA and ABS filament in both 3mm and 1.75mm and the Simple can only use 1.75mm. Some of the main differences between the two plastics are; PLA is biodegradable, and a more or less softer less rigid plastic, whereas ABS is a hard plastic that needs a heated print bed and a has a higher melting temperature, it is the same plastic that legos are made from. The Simple has a 4x4x4 build capability, and the Plus has a 8x8x8.

I will start posting a lot more now that I have a new working(more or less) printer.

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